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The competence assessor standard has been developed for individuals within an organisation who are designated to be competence assessors and to ensure they are competent to perform their work according to operational standards. The training will provide trainee assessors / delegates with tools to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out assessments within the workplace.


Persons successfully completing all learning outcomes and workplace evidence requirements will be issued with an OPITO endorsed certificate for the Competence Assessor Training Programme.

This course "Competence Assessor" is certified 
by Bureau Veritas certification company.

This course "Competence Assessor" is approved by OPITO


 The training consists of the following modules and elements:
  1. Introduction to Assessment
    1.1. Introduction to competence assessment
    1.2. Evidence sources
  2. Planning and Carrying out the Assessment
    2.1 Assessment planning
    2.2 Collecting and evaluating evidence and making the assessment decision
  3. Feedback and Record Keeping
    3.1 Recording assessment decisions
    3.2 Providing feedback

Workplace Evidence Requirements

In order to achieve the Workplace Evidence Requirements, delegates must submit, as a minimum, the assessment-related documentation listed below to Lerus Training Centre within a twelve month period.  Two candidates must be assessed in the workplace and the same two candidates must be used throughout the assessment process:

a) A minimum of one Assessment Plan for each candidate containing the following information:

  1. Who is to be involved in the assessment

  2. Unit(s)/Criteria/Task to be assessed

  3. Planned assessment date(s)

  4. Assessment method(s) to be used including, as a minimum, observation or simulation and questioning (per candidate).

b) Records for each candidate demonstrating that the planned assessments were carried out using appropriate assessment methods.

c) An assessment record for each candidate demonstrating that the evidence gathered in the assessment is mapped against the relevant Unit(s)/Criteria/Task d) Records of feedback to each candidate which include the assessment decision made.

e) Internal Verification Records of both assessments by the employing organisation’s representative responsible for the quality assurance of assessment decisions


The aims and objectives of this programme are to impart initial training requirements to enable trainee assessors, now referred to as learners, to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out competence assessments. Upon successful completion of the training, and with evidence that the skills and knowledge have been successfully applied in the workplace, the learner would be eligible to conduct workplace assessments, providing they themselves are technically competent in the discipline being assessed. Following this training, it will be the responsibility of the employing organisation to allow each assessor to gain further experience. This will normally fall under the jurisdiction of the organisation’s internal verifier position(s).

Admission Requirements

There are no formal learner pre-requisites for attendance on the Competence Assessor Training Programme; although learners must provide evidence that they have access to a minimum of two candidates undergoing an assessment process in their workplace.
The participant must possess a valid, current offshore medical certificate or possess an operator approved medical certificate or undergoes medical screening.


There is no expiry date for the OPITO approved Competence Assessor Training certificate.
Note: It is the learner’s employing company’s responsibility to determine the validity of this certificate and how to re-validate the learner’s training.


Two days

Number of participants

Minimum 2, maximum 16


The course will be conducted in English.